Dell Latitude E6420 Laptop Complete Driver List for Windows 7

Whenever I get a new computer, the first thing I do is format the hard drive to remove all the manufacturer bloatware and then install the operating system of my choice. In this case, I chose Windows 7 Professional x64 and I found all the drivers you need to get rid of those yellow exclamation marks in the Device Manager. Dell does a very nice job of organizing the downloads based on laptop model, operating system, and category, but they don’t tell you which ones you actually need.

If you just installed Windows 7 x64 on a Dell Latitude E6420, these are devices missing drivers in Device Manager (Start -> Type in: devmgmt.msc):

Broadcom USH
Ethernet Controller
Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250
Mass Storage Controller
Network Controller
PCI Serial Port
PCI Simple Communications Controller
SM Bus Controller
Unknown Device

This list is probably very close to yours depending if you bought the WiMAX card or other options. You then need to download these from

Windows 7 64-bit: Checked on 1/12/2012
Chipset: Intel_Chipset-Software-Insta_A04_R304291.exe – PCI Simple Communications Controller, SM Bus Controller
Input: DELL_MULTI-TOUCH-TOUCHPAD_A10_R315893.exe – Enables better touchpad movement on reboot
Network: Intel_825xx-Gigabit-Platform_A02_R313802.exe – Ethernet Controller
Network: NIC_DRVR_WIN_R292654.EXE – Network Controller
Video: Intel_multi-device_A09_R307994.exe – Fixes resolution on reboot
Security: Dell-Driver: Dell_ControlVault_A08_R308494.exe – Broadcom USH (Install the Credential Vault USB Driver)
Network: Intel-Driver: NIC_DRVR_WIN_R289732.EXE – Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250
Drivers for OS Deployment: O2Micro-_OZ600XXX-Memory-Car_A01_R300787.exe – Mass Storage Controller
Application: ST-MICROELECTRONICS_FREE-FAL_A10_R309372.exe – Unknown Device

Windows 7 32-bit: Checked on 1/12/2012
BIOS: E6420A08.exe – Upgrades BIOS to revision 8
Chipset: Intel_Unified-AMT-7-Manageme_A02_R311171.exe – PCI Serial Port

The above is shorthand so I remember where to find each one. I also only install the drivers if possible (no applications). I only unpack the Wireless Network Controller and manually install the driver in Device Manager because I want Windows to manage my wireless networks. My goal is to install the least amount of software to keep my boot times quick and my taskbar icons to a minimum. Once you’ve installed everything, the total number of process will be under 50…if you can keep the number of processes under 50, you are in GREAT shape. I bet your laptop before a clean operating system was over 70 processes and counting…

I also install the chipset first and the BIOS last. I rarely reboot between driver installs because I’ve never run into any problems so suppress all reboots until the BIOS update. If you are a gamer, I would suggest downloading the latest graphics driver from nVidia, Intel, or their manufacturer because laptop vendors tend to fall behind the latest version of drivers.


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  1. 8Networks /

    Thanks, wish Dell would have a page like this for all their products.

    1. Insight /

      As do I, haha. Thanks.

  2. Chad /

    Thank you so much for your diligence. You saved me a LOT of time. Life Bless you bro!

    1. Insight /

      Glad to hear it. Thanks!

  3. chorltonchrisChris /

    Another thank you from me, was really stuck on a few drivers!

    1. Insight /

      No problem!

  4. Juanito /

    THanks Bro! THat just saved my butt as well!

    1. Insight /

      Welcome bud!

  5. Dan /

    Wicked info. You saved me tons of time… Much appreciated.

    1. Insight /

      Thanks for the feedback, take care, Dan!

  6. Tyler /

    Thank you so much! If only Dell made it so easy. This may have been mentioned (didn’t read everything) but one can just Google the driver file name (like ST-MICROELECTRONICS_FREE-FAL_A10_R309372.exe) and the first result from Dell will probably be what you need.

    1. Insight /

      Welcome! That’s a good tip too. Google does a nice job indexing the files from Dell.

  7. FDC /

    Great post. Thanks so much!

    1. Insight /

      Thanks, no problem!

      1. carlie /

        Hey I’m having a problem with the driver for the network gives me an error saying that its not compatible with my OS, does this mean that I need to upgrade my OS in order for it to work?

        1. Joe /

          Make sure you download the correct driver. There may be different drivers for 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows.

  8. Ray /

    Great information! I would recommend one addition to the Windows 7 64-bit list:

    Audio: IDT_92HDXXX-HD-AUDIO_A03_R297613.exe

    Although the default driver will work, I found that the audio port on my docking station did not work with the default driver. Once I installed this driver, I was able to get audio through the docking station.

    1. Joe /

      Awesome, thanks for the addition!

  9. Darryl /

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I searched for drivers based on my E6420′s Service Tag and only a few drivers were listed.
    Your list (and the addition) saved me a hours of headaches.

    1. Joe /

      Glad I could assist! Thanks!

  10. Terrance Slate /

    Thank you so much. I wish I had looked for this page before I struggled with the dell website. Now that all the drivers are installed, would you recommend just saving all the drivers on a thumb drive, or just ghosting the whole drive? This is in the event I decide to format everything and start over at a later date.

    1. Joe /

      I would save the drivers on a thumb drive because I believe a clean install of an operating system is always better. Besides, you don’t know if you will install a different version operating system later on down the road so saving the drivers makes it easier the next time.

  11. Xeon /

    Stupidly Helpful, thanks for the info.

    1. Joe /

      My pleasure!

  12. ronnie /

    Hi mate this really saved me a lot of time thanks!
    however, about what you said by keeping processes below 50, does this mean it’s not advisable to download updates from microsoft? i used to update my OS after installation(inc drivers) then my processes are usually 70+. response would be much appreciated thanks :)

    1. Joe /

      As you download updates from Microsoft, the number of processes you have running at one time shouldn’t skyrock. I have a custom built personal desktop computer with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and I have around 45 programs running in the background. You also have to take into consideration what applications you install. If you install AVG Anti-Virus, your number of process will probably increase by about 5. I can almost promise you that after Windows updates, your number should not increase by any more than maybe 2 or 3. Comment with your processes (tasklist > output.txt) of your processes and I’ll tell you what is probably excessive.

  13. Shabeer /

    Many Thanks dear .. its really help full ..

    1. Joe /

      My pleasure!

  14. Manuel /

    Very much thanks, really works fine now my laptop

  15. Phil Bonner /

    Thanks Joseph, you’ve saved me a lot of time and effort finding drivers for this Win7 64-bit install. Kudos!

    1. Joe / Post Author

      Happy to help!

  16. Richard /

    Hey man, not only well done but kindly done! Cheers

    1. Joseph Spurrier / Post Author

      I appreciate it!

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